recommendations have been derived for the layout of lorry parks in which the parking stalls are at 45 degrees to the aisles. using computer models, the minimum requirements for vehicles to enter and leave stalls without reversing or encroaching on other stalls, were determined. trials were carried out on a test track in order to check the accuracy of these predictions and to estimate the tolerances necessary to allow for driver error. finally the acceptability of the recommendations so derived, was demonstrated by a full scale layout at a motorway service area. widening the stalls allows the aisles to be narrower and vice versa. the most economical use of the area available is obtained with narrow stalls (3.3 m in width). for a given area 30 per cent more vehicles can be accommodated using the method described in this report than by a method used to design some existing motorway service area lorry parks. (a)

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