Fatigue tests were carried out on a number of welded joints in an investigation relevant to steel orthotropic road bridges. Specimens consisted of 11 mm thick plates with 6.35 mm thick transverse stiffeners welded, generally at right angles to the surface, sometimes with either a single weld or welds on both sides of the stiffener. The loading conditions were selected to investigate fatigue failure in the main plate, the stiffener and the weld, all in bending. in addition, the joint was subjected to loading which gave shear stress in the weld and bending stress in the main plate, the ratio of the two being varied, to investigate the relative importance of each type of stress. Finally, the effect on the fatigue behaviour of load-carrying joints having one or two welds attaching the stiffener to the main plate and the effects of a gap between the stiffener and main plate were investigated. Where possible the results were compared with relevant data in the literature.

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