The TRL Annual Research Review 2009 presents a summary of the year’s activities and achievements. It includes an overview of TRL’s main research highlights, a description of some of the specialist services and consultancy support that TRL provides for its customers and a comprehensive listing of reports and papers published in 2009. Some selected full papers are included as follows:
• Developing the automatic measurement of surface conditions on local roads.
Alex Wright, Helen Viner, Andrew Gallagher and Edward Bunting.
• Car rollover mechanisms and injury outcome.
Richard Cuerden, Rebecca Cookson and David Richards.
• Quantifying the benefits of new bus priority logic in SCOOT.
Helen Gibson.
• A common approach to understanding strengths and limitations of different cost–benefit analysis techniques.
Tanya Robinson (née Smith) and Iain Knight.
• From research to commercial fuel efficiency training for truck drivers using TruckSim.
Nick Reed, Stephanie Cynk and Andrew Parkes.

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