A number of bus priority measures were introduced in Shepherd's Bush in 1993 by Hammersmith and Fulham Council as part of the London Bus Priority Initiative's South & West London Bus Priority Demonstration Project. These measures comprised: a 24 hour bus lane along some sections of carriageway on Shepherd's Bush Green; a pre-signal, on the main carriageway just before the end of the bus lane, controlling non-priority traffic and allowing buses free passage into a "bus advance area" where they can position themselves correctly at the main stop line; and a "bus gate", in place of a former cut-through at the Eastern end of Shepherd's Bush Common, connecting Uxbridge Road and Shepherd's Bush Green. Surveys were conducted before and after the scheme was implemented. Measurements were made of journey times of buses and other traffic between various pairs of points in the system, and passenger loads on buses. The results of these surveys demonstrate substantial benefits, in the form of time savings, to bus passengers, which can be attributed to the combination of the changes. There are also nett benefits to other road users, despite the fact that North-South travellers now have longer journeys through the area. While benefits cannot be determined with precision, the total annual benefit appears comparable with the capital costs of implementing the scheme. It is not possible at this stage to quantify the contribution of the pre-signal to the overall benefits of the scheme, but further monitoring and assessment of other pre-signal installations should provide guidance on the general applicability of this device in "typical" locations. (A)

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