Changes to legislation, together with special authorization procedures, now enable local authorities to install a wide range of traffic calming measures at localities including villages on trunk and other major roads. In 1994, research began on the effectiveness of these measures on busy roads with a significant proportion of heavy goods vehicles. Craven Arms, on the A49 trunk road in Shropshire, was one of two sites to be chosen initially for the study. The measures include gateways on each approach, with speed cushions, mini-roundabouts, painted 30mph roundels on patches of red surface at intervals, refuges and centre hatching on a red background in the village itself. 'Before' and 'after' measurements of speeds, journey times, traffic noise and ground vibration were carried out, followed by a public opinion survey. The results are presented in this report. Although speed reductions were substantial, many residents expressed reservations about the scheme. (A)

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