Twelve Baynet multi-bay meters were introduced in Newcastle upon Tyne in November 1994 for a trial period. These meters replaced electromechanical single-bay parking meters with a view to determining whether it would be appropriate to introduce this type of meter at other locations throughout the city. The Secretary of State's approval is required for all innovatory parking control devices used in conjunction with Traffic Regulation Orders to control parking places. This was the first authority outside London to receive special approval to install this type of meter. A study of this new equipment was undertaken by the Transport Research Laboratory to determine the effectiveness of this innovatory parking control device. Questionnaire surveys of drivers and parking control enforcement staff and a video-based survey of parking behaviour were conducted after the meters had been introduced. Data from the city council, detailing the reliability of the meters and the number of Excess Charge Notices issued, were also analysed. The results from the study indicated that the meters were as reliable as parking meters and that motorists, while experiencing difficulty initially, soon became more confident in their use of the meters. (A)

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