In an effort to tackle road traffic noise, research into quieter road surfaces has included trials of a new type of concrete surfacing called exposed aggregate concrete, which had been used in a number of other European countries. Two trials of exposed aggregate concrete have been constructed in the UK; the first on the M18 in South Yorkshire which was completed in winter 1993 and the second on the A50 in Derbyshire which opened in Spring 1995. The M18 trial consisted of exposed aggregate concrete, hot rolled asphalt, brushed and tined textured concrete surfaces for comparison. The A50 trial comprised of exposed aggregate concrete and hot rolled asphalt surfaces only. This report presents the results of measurements available at the end of 1996 to assess the surface properties related to safety (SCRIM, Braking Force Coefficient and texture depth) and the results of vehicle noise measurements recorded at the two trial sites. (A)

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