This report describes the results of a project assessing mechanical retexturing techniques. It reports on work carried out by Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London (QMWC) and TRL identifying and assessing retexturing techniques available in the UK. The sites were subject to a 'before and after' study of skidding resistance and macrotexture. It was seen that skidding resistance is generally increased when using a process with a significant impact component, and fluid action processes can increase skidding resistance where there is a film of binder on the aggregate. Grooving and grinding processes do not have a significant impact on skidding resistance. Texture depth can be reduced using impact techniques. Scabbling has a broadly neutral effect on texture. Grooving can increase texture while corduroy texturing will tend to reduce texture. Fluid action processes can increase texture by eroding the matrix around the aggregate particles. (A)

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