Electronic systems for disabled drivers include a number of safety critical systems, for example, joystick operation of steering, brakes and accelerator. It is essential that these systems are both safe and reliable. An important aspect of safe and reliable operation is immunity from interference by electromagnetic radiation. This report summarises the requirements of the Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive, 95/54/EC with particular reference to vehicles for disabled motorists. Recommendations are suggested for appropriate test methods. Guidelines are provided to aid the design and installation of electronic equipment for vehicle applications. The report also includes an analysis of the immunity performance of several safety critical systems that have been tested in accordance with the Automotive EMC Directive. In one case, a vehicle that failed to meet the performance requirements was involved in an accident. This example was used to demonstrate how improving the design and installation enabled the system to finally pass the radio frequency (RF) immunity requirements. (A)

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