The report summarises trials of new nearside-aspect Toucan crossing equipment at four sites, carried out by TRL for the Driver Information and Traffic Management Division of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The equipment, call cancel facilities and on-crossing detection, was the same as that used for Puffin crossing trials. A nearside signal aspect has been developed for Toucan crossings. Although of different design, nearside aspects had also been used with the Puffin crossing. The methods used to assess the equipment include fault logs kept by local authorities responsible for the crossings, analysis of video film taken at the sites, and interviews with Toucan crossing users. Users at the sites possessed a reasonable understanding of the crossing operation, although there were a number of operational problems with the equipment on trial. Recommendations are given for the design of detection equipment and the site layout of Toucan crossings, to be incorporated into further trials. (A)

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