This report summarises the findings of two research projects. 'Innovative Cycles Schemes' (UG42) investigated specific traffic engineering measures to improve safety and convenience for cyclists. 'Cycling Policy Initiatives' (UG57) researched wider aspects of promoting cycling, including attitudes to cycling and integrating cycling with other modes. The research covered 15 separate but related topics, from the contemplation stage prior to starting cycling, to becoming a cycle owner, cycling for leisure, conditions along the route and at junctions, linking with public transport and facilities at the trip end. The report recommends engineering, education, enforcement and encouragement measures and includes options for marketing cycling based on the attitudinal research. It concludes that cycling can be increased by targeted efforts but that more radical measures towards traffic reduction and improved safety will be needed to sustain significant increases in utility cycle use. (A) (The full results of these two research projects are reported in 13 individual TRL reports together with other documents which are all listed in Appendix A of this report).

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