Cycle sales have increased substantially but overall cycle use has not. This project investigated the expectations and experiences of new cycle owners to see how they might be encouraged to cycle more, particularly for utility purposes. 76 adults who did not regularly cycle, who were buying a new cycle for themselves, were interviewed in cycle shops immediately after their purchase, about their planned cycle use and expectations. After one month they completed a four-day travel diary. After another month, they were interviewed in-depth regarding their cycle use, experiences and attitudes. Almost all those who completed the survey were pleased with their purchase. The majority cycled at least once a week, some much more frequently. Leisure was the main journey purpose but those who cycled to work tended to cycle more frequently. Physical effort, practical difficulties, the weather and the danger and unpleasantness from motor traffic were the main deterrents. One quarter reported using their cars less. However, most continued to use cars for the majority of journeys, including many under one mile. The report concludes that measures are needed to overcome practical barriers to greater cycle use, and to make cycling more enjoyable, for both new and existing cyclists. (A)

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