TRL has assessed the effectiveness of nine comprehensive schemes aimed at reducing traffic speeds on the main road through villages. Eight schemes were on a trunk road, and two-way traffic flows typically exceeded 8,000 per day with between 10-20% heavy vehicles. The schemes were designed to improve safety and the quality of life of residents, and involved a range of features. All schemes included 'gateways', mainly comprising prominent signing and marking measures and coloured surfacing. Within some villages, extensive physical measures, including narrow speed cushions and mini-roundabouts, were used. In several cases the village speed limit was reduced when the scheme was introduced. The report describes the results from surveys carried out before and after scheme installation. All of the schemes were successful in reducing speeds and, at the schemes with physical features, where noise levels were monitored, reductions were observed. Despite the measured benefits, some residents were dissatisfied with these more extensive schemes. Overall there is a strong indication of an improvement in accident severity. (A)

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