This report reviews the casualty situation in the North West and identifies major casualty problems from a consideration of casualty costs in 1996. A brief review of recent research revealed a range of measures of risk based on simple ratios such as casualties per 100,000 population. In the analysis undertaken for the North West Region casualty numbers for all districts in England and Wales have been predicted from a combination of variables - population, cars owned and road length. The safety of districts has been assessed by examining the difference between the number of casualties observed and the number of casualties predicted. The analysis points to higher than expected pedestrian and car occupant casualty numbers in many of the North West districts. There are indications that the problem is more acute on A & B roads, for multi-vehicle car accidents, and at complex junctions. Since 1980 reductions in casualty numbers in the North West, particularly reductions in the numbers killed or seriously injured, have not kept pace with reductions in other parts of England and Wales. (A)

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