As part of an on-going programme of research into the effects of traffic management on the environment, the Charging and Local Transport Division of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions commissioned TRL to carry out a case study of a traffic calming scheme. This report describes the results of surveys and modelling work carried out to investigate the effect of the Leigh Park Area Safety Scheme on traffic speeds and flows, vehicle emissions, local air quality, noise, and public perceptions. In order to reduce road casualties, Hampshire County Council and Havant Borough Council implemented a comprehensive traffic calming scheme in the Leigh Park area of Havant in 1997. The scheme comprised speed cushions, humped pelican crossings, a raised junction, pedestrian refuges, gateways at the entrances to the area, build-outs to protect on-street parking spaces, and mini-roundabouts. The measures installed were successful at reducing vehicle speeds and discouraging through traffic from using the residential streets. It was estimated that vehicle emissions had been reduced and there were modest improvements in air quality. Traffic noise levels were reduced but there was an indication that changes in driving pattern at some measures had increased noise levels from heavy vehicles. Prior to the implementation of the scheme, most of the residents who were interviewed were positive about the scheme with almost all thinking it was necessary to control the speed of traffic. Once it had been installed, less than half the residents interviewed were satisfied. However, after the installation of the scheme, fewer residents were bothered by speeding vehicles, the amount of traffic, danger of difficulty in crossing the road, or danger to children. There was also an improvement in the residents' overall views of road safety in the area. Overall, the traffic calming scheme had little effect on the noise, vibration, dust and dirt, or smoke and fumes perceived by respondents either in their homes or as pedestrians. (A)

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