This report describes the evaluation of a trial of teleworking in Hampshire. Teleworking enables employees to work from home or at offices closer to home by using computers and telecommunications. The trial was part of ENTRANCE project. The teleworking trial aimed to demonstrate energy savings and environmental benefits by enabling some employees to telework on full or part-time basis. Four organisations introduced teleworking for a small number of employees. The travel behaviour, working practices, opinions and aspirations of the teleworkers were monitored before and after teleworking began. People who had been teleworking for part of their working week for two to four years were also studied. Most worked part of the week at home and part in the office. The report shows the impact on travel by car and other modes, and the resulting reduction in energy consumption and fuel use for travel. The benefits and disbenefits are described from the point of view of employees and employers. Substantial reductions in weekly car mileage were identified, and thus the objectives of the trial were achieved. (A)

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