Achieving value for money in operation and maintenance of equipment in tunnels is increasingly important and areas are sought where economies can be made without compromising safety or increasing congestion. To address this need a value management review of tunnel operation and maintenance procedures has been undertaken. The review was based on the procedures in the Highways Agency Value for Money Manual, and comprised a value management and value engineering workshop and subsequent detailed reviews. The operators of a number of UK highway tunnels were consulted together with various other bodies. Additionally general experience reported at meetings of the Highways Agency Tunnel Operators' Forum and the UK Tunnel Operators' Meeting was incorporated. The principles of value management are outlined and a methodology is proposed for applying the value management process to tunnel operation and maintenance procedures. It has been found unrealistic to define unique optimum solutions applicable to all tunnels because there exist many site specific factors associated with each individual highway tunnel which influence the selection of procedures. Consideration has been given to the application of value management at all stages during the life of a tunnel and including all the parties involved at the different stages. The detailed issues considered include matters of organisation and regulation, maintenance and emergency planning, and integration with the adjacent road network. The appendices to the report provide a commentary on procedures and issues which have been identified as needing to be considered during the value management process. While these appendices provide a detailed starting point for discussion, changing political environments, technological advances and site specific peculiarities will require that other issues may need to be discussed in relation to the operation and maintenance of any particular tunnel. (A)

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