There is a move from recipe-based to performance-related specifications for asphalt mixtures. This change produces a need for tests that can be used under contractual conditions to measure the performance-related properties of mixtures. At the same time, the national standard specifications and test methods are being harmonised by the Comite Europeen de Normalisation across Europe. Such harmonisation will increase the number of potential test methods that are available in any State because of the inclusiveness of the approach. The proposals for European tests are reviewed with an emphasis on comparison with current British tests and on their suitability for use with performance-related specifications. Tests that could be useful, but which are not currently used in the United Kingdom, are described and also attention is drawn to significant differences between the draft European methods and their BS equivalents. There may be subsequent changes to the draft test methods because they are still evolving, so the information will be accurate for only a limited time scale. The review shows that the change to the harmonised European test methods is unlikely to be detrimental to the move towards performance-related specifications. (A)

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