Limits are currently recommended in Highways Agency Advice Notes relating to the permitted amount of swell in standard samples of lime stabilised cohesive material. This is a requirement for determining the suitability of cohesive material, prior to its stabilisation as a capping layer within the Series 600 Earthworks of the Specification for Highway Works. This report describes the investigation of seven British soils which were stabilised with quicklime, and subjected to a testing methodology aimed at providing data to assess the applicability of the swell test as an indicator to the suitability and acceptability of materials for lime stabiisation. Specimens of the stabilised materials were prepared, soaked, and monitored for swell for up to 400 days. For all the soils stabilised in the trial, swell values below the averge upper limit of 6mm (HA 74/95) were recorded. (A)

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