The MOLASSES (Monitoring Of Local Authority Safety SchemES) database was initiated by the Country Surveyors' Society's (CSS) 'Accident Reduction Working Group' in1991, in an attempt to encourage more monitoring of safety engineering work undertaken by highway authorities. In 1993 TRL agreed to take it over and have been in charge of its operation since that time. The data in MOLASSES is supplied voluntarily by local authorities. This report presents the results of an evaluation of the data within the database. The main conclusion to be drawn from analysis of the MOLASSES database is that very high first year rates of return (averaging 500% at current prices) are obtainable from investment in local safety schemes. The implementation of recent Local Safety Schemes remains as effective as those during the earlier years of the database. The rank-order of effectiveness of the various different treatment types has changed over time, but all the treatment types have maintained similar levels of effectiveness over the life of the database. (A)

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