The summaries of twenty three key ground engineering research reports commissioned by the Highways Agency and produced by TRL (the Transport Research Laboratory) during the period 1993 to 1998 are presented in this report. The summaries have been compiled as a compendium for the purpose of highlighting a selection of the applied research undertaken by TRL within the ground engineering discipline in recent years. The research summaries, presented within seven linked themes, focus on engineering within appropriate environmental frameworks, aspects of recycling and reuse of materials, specialised laboratory testing, insitu trials and testing, and performance monitoring of materials and processes. They also detail innovative construction and maintenance issues associated within sustainable highway engineering practice. A number of the reports summarised in this document have contributed to the development of internationally recognised standards in highway engineering. The document introduces the reader to some of the areas of geotechnical research commissioned by the Highways Agency in subjects of interest to a broad range of practitioners, but they are also of direct relevance to specialists within the fields of civil and geotechnical engineering. (A)

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