TRL Limited was commissioned by the DTLR to assess industry knowledge about and the impact of the Statement of Principles (SoP) for the human machine interface (HMI) and where appropriate, provide information on the SoP. In-depth interviews were held with individuals identified as involved in the design or manufacture of IVIS (In-Vehicle Information Systems) in the UK. Operations in the UK focussed on distribution, sales and service provision. Types of system designed or produced in the UK include navigation, congestion warning, mobile data terminals, mobile phones, reversing aids, taximeters and portable hand-held data terminals. Knowledge of the SoP varied considerably. Ergonomic evaluations of twenty-three IVIS were conducted to assess the extent of their compliance with the SoP. The evaluations demonstrated that it is perfectly possible to design compliant systems. Most non-compliance was detected in the documentation provided by the system, the driver input controls, the menu facilities and the extent of interaction required with the system. Almost half the systems were assessed as presenting excessively distracting information. No particular relationship was found between knowledge of the SoP and the extent of compliance. A number of areas where the SoP could be strengthened were identified.

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