The TRL Archive of driving licence data holds details of the motoring convictions committed by a sample of British drivers since 1986. The Home Office Offenders Index holds the criminal histories of all people convicted of 'standard list' offences in England and Wales from 1963. A sample of over 50 thousand drivers from the TRL Archive has been matched with the Offenders Index in order to compare their histories of motoring and non-motoring offences between 1995 and 1999. The report shows that the number of non-motoring offences is strongly related to the number of certain types of motoring offence, in particular dangerous driving and driving while disqualified. On the other hand, the relationship is weak for speeding offences. Of the various types of non-motoring offence, vehicle theft has the strongest relationship with the number of non-motoring offences. The relationship tends to be stronger for women than for men, although they commit relatively few non-motoring offences. (A)

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