As part of the UG171 Cycle Facilities and Engineering project for the Department for Transport, TRL investigated cycling near road narrowings in a study comprising: (l) Consultations with cyclist to ascertain their views on road narrowing features and their experience of negotiating them in traffic. (2)Video surveys of sites where features were installed by highway authorities to assist cyclists in negotiating road narrowings. (3)Virtual reality simulations of encounters between drivers and cyclists, allowing the reactions of drivers to be measured under a range of circumstances. Road narrowings were found to constitute a source of stress to cyclists, particularly when large vehicles were present, although fast traffic and large roundabouts were also thought difficult. Some cyclists avoided narrowings by riding on the footway or selecting alternative routes. There were experimental indications that a cycle lane with coloured surface might improve safety and the report discusses this and other recommendations that could improve conditions for cyclists in the context of the results of the study. (A)

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