TRL Limited has conducted some self-funded research with the aim of exploring the issues surrounding social exclusion, with a particular emphasis upon young people. As social exclusion becomes more prominent on the political agenda, it is hypothesised that the needs of young people remain excluded from transport policy and provision. As lifestyles have changed and children increasingly want to experience new and exciting activities there are many issues that face youngsters who do not drive or own their own car: lack of independence, rationed time spent with peers, personal security, affordability and provision of public transport. This literature review focuses on the experiences of young people in both rural and urban areas and the extent to which they are socially excluded as a result of transport provision. The review begins by examining the concept and process of social exclusion and the importance of transport policies in tackling social exclusion. The concepts of mobility and accessibility are discussed in detail as a way of understanding the relationship between transport and social exclusion and the difficulties young people face. (A)

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