This report has been produced by TRL as a result of collaboration between the Quarry Products Association, Refined Bitumen Association and Highways Agency. Its purpose is to present the asphalt industry with an overview of sustainability and the potential role of sustainability indicators and reporting, in the industry's response to Government sustainable construction policy. Areas of increasing sustainability already exist within the asphalt industry, including durable long-life products, environmental management, recycling and recyclability. Some companies have been using indicators and providing environmental or sustainability reports for a number of years. Government policy, client procurement and expectations amongst other stakeholders, including shareholders and the public, are generating pressure for the industry to do more. Indicators are needed to monitor and report performance and plan for improvements. Before deciding which indicators should be chosen, a review of the major sustainability impacts of the asphalt industry was made, in workshops with members of QPA, RBA and HA. A 'model' set of Key Performance Indicators has been recommended that could be adopted and developed by the asphalt industry, should it wish to take further steps towards the measurement and reporting of its progress towards greater sustainability. They are largely based on the set reported by the Construction Products Association. There is also an important role for reporting and representation of the industry at the sector level. To decide when the time is right to launch this indicator set and in what form, it will be important for the industry to consider a number of issues. These include; the level of acceptance of the need for sustainability management and reporting both at the company and sector level; the need for common KPIs for the industry and if the recommended set are appropriate; and the willingness for public reporting. When these issues have been agreed an appropriate method for promoting the indicators can be implemented.

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