The reuse of post-consumer tyres in civil engineering applications (CEAs) is outlined. While this practice has been commonplace in other countries, the potential of post-consumer tyres is just becoming known and accepted in Europe. The properties of these tyres are outlined, including little evidence of pollution from their use, low cost, lightweight, durability/resistance to chemicals, suitability for use in drainage applications, suitability for reducing differential settlement, suitability for reducing backfill or swelling pressures, and availability in large quantities. Currently tyre use requires a Waste Management licence under UK law, as they remain waste until they have been reworked and included in the proposed CEA. The applications to which tyres (either as whole tyres or as fragments of varying sizes) have been put are described. The relevant standards and specifications that must be complied with and experience with each CEA are given for the UK and elsewhere. The aim of the report is to provide guidance to clients, contractors, designers, specifiers, regulators and producers which will enable the more widespread use of post-consumer tyres in CEAs.

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