In 2013, TRL and TTR conducted a study for Belfast City Council to form the basis of a new Air Quality Action Plan for Belfast City. The study comprised of four work packages. The first two work packages set the boundaries for the study and considered a wide range of air pollution mitigation options to discuss with the Steering Group and individual stakeholders. The potential options were then narrowed down to take forward a shortlist of options as part of Work Package 3, where they were analysed to better understand their potential impacts, implementation methods and costs.
The outputs from Work Package 3 allowed the Steering Group Members to reach agreement on the most effective options to include in a new action plan (Work Package 4). Those options that were considered to be of highest priority for further investigation and development were York Street interchange, Stockman's Lane slip-way to the M1 westbound, active travel, a high-quality showcase bus route, a freight consolidation centre and bus fleet improvements.
The study concluded that a combination rather than single measures would need to be applied to meet air quality objectives in Belfast.

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