The current UK skid resistance policy specifies the geometric and rubber resilience properties of the test tyres only. Additionally, all skid resistance test tyres for use with SCRIM devices (SCRIM tyres) have been manufactured by a single manufacturer. It has been generally assumed that this methodology would be sufficient to ensure the consistency of SCRIM tyres.

The efficacy of this methodology has, to the authors knowledge at the time of writing, never been proven, and so there exists a potential for variations in skid resistance measurements to be encountered resulting from variations in tyre properties.

This report presents the results of a literature review into the state of the art of tyre assessments, and the connections between tyre material properties and skid resistance performance. The report presents an outline procedure for improving the quality assurance of skid resistance test tyres. The report also presents a prototype portable device for the assessment of tyre skid resistance performance.

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