• Road-general-safety-regulations

The European Union General Safety Regulation (GSR) and Pedestrian Safety Regulation (PSR)1 govern type approval requirements specific to the safety of ‘M’, ‘N’ and ‘O’ ‘category vehicles in Europe. The Regulations mandate a number of technical aids designed to prevent and mitigate collisions, to protect occupants, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. 

There are various amendments to the General Safety Regulation (GSR) and Pedestrian Safety Regulations (PSR) under consideration by the European Commission. The first stage of the review included the evaluation of over 50 candidate measures that could be considered for implementation in the GSR or PSR. The second stage of the review focused on the 24 measures that were most likely to be cost-beneficial and potentially included in the regulation by the Commission. The review highlighted some of the measures that were not well understood with respect to their potential casualty benefit. The knowledge gaps will hinder further review and any cost-benefit review that will take place before a decision on whether to implement the measures can take place.

This report was commissioned by ACEA and considers eight of those measures in greater detail to feed in to the European Commission consultation process.

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