Study on Enhanced Truck Front End Designs (TFED) - Safety Benefits for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)

The principal aim of this project was to support the technical requirements for Directive (EU) 2015/719 that enhance vulnerable road user (VRU) and passenger car occupant safety through enhanced truck front end designs (TFEDs); in particular focussing on the cab length derogation opportunities provided through the Directive. The scope of the research included prioritising how VRU and car occupant fatalities and casualties can be prevented, or injuries mitigated, by potential regulatory changes to the requirements, and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness for five clustered safety measures.

This report led to the decision by the European Commission in February 2019 to to relax restrictions on truck cab lengths, in return for the adoption of cab design requirements that improve aerodynamics and will reduce the 4,200 truck associated road deaths and serious injuries experienced by European cyclists and pedestrians each year[1].

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