International Cycling Safety Conference 2017: Cycle Helmet Workshop Report Cycle helmet safety: Global harmonisation of consumer information rating schemes

The safety performance of a cycle helmet is fundamental to protecting cyclists during a fall or collision; however, very little is known about the relative protective qualities of different cycle helmet models. To address this issue, several research institutes have begun to develop cycle helmet testing and assessment programs to rate the relative safety performance of cycle helmets. The Cycle Helmet Safety Workshop aimed to provide an opportunity for global experts to come together to discuss their progress and findings. The Workshop comprised of three presentation sessions followed by an interactive session. The first presentation session involved a keynote presentation which outlined suggestions for improving current helmet testing standards. The second session focused on global approaches toward testing the safety performance of cycle helmets and required presenters to comment on current best practices used by each research institute and the effects that these approaches had on outcomes. The third presentation session focussed on global approaches toward assessing cycle helmet safety performance and centred around the current assessment philosophies used by each research institute and the effects that these approaches had on outcomes. Abstracts and associated presentation slides are provided within the document.The interactive session aimed to develop a three-year plan for achieving an evidence-based, successful and sustainable cycle helmet safety consumer information scheme. It provided a platform for discussion around the various benefits/disbenefits surrounding key issues for harmonisation and allowed for the creation of a road map towards Global Harmonisation.

The actual presentations from this workshop are in PPR921b

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