This report details a project to capture time-series panoramic imagery over a two-year period at the A83 Rest and be Thankful site, which is highly susceptible to rainfall-induced debris flow. This builds on a previous proof-of-concept project and the available data is reported for both projects in order to present as complete a picture as possible. Imagery from the A85 Glen Ogle site, captured on an opportunistic basis, is also reported. The data has been used in a variety of ways in support of other monitoring and construction reporting activities at the A83 site and its use is planned in a survey to determine the hazard from boulders that currently reside at the A83 site. The time-series imagery provides effective before-and-after imagery for major events and its continued capture and use is recommended. This report sets out the process and procedures for the capture and creation of high resolution imagery in order to enable the time-series to be continued and for the methodology to be applied to other sites.

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