• Review and assessment of pre-driver interventions in Scotland
The mid-term review of the Road Safety Framework to 2020 identified the importance of positively influencing behavioural and attitudinal development for pre-drivers. The desired outcome for pre-drivers in Scotland is to “Improve knowledge, positive attitudes and safer behaviours of individuals in relation to road safety before they start driving”. The project undertook a number of research activities in order to:
• Establish the prevalence of pre-driver interventions across Scotland
• Understand the approaches taken and assumed mechanisms of effect for improving safety
• Assess whether pre-driver interventions in Scotland meet good-practice conditions for maximising the likelihood to improve road safety (e.g. via influencing known risk factors) and whether these are evaluated (and in what form)
• Identify examples of good-practice and provide recommendations for the development of a value driven, outcome based pre-driver intervention
• Make recommendations for how to encourage evaluation of interventions

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