The European Standard EN 1317 dates back to 1998, but since then there has been a considerable change in the vehicle fleet, in particular an increase in vehicle mass, change in vehicle structure and a growth in the numbers of SUVs and MPVs on UK and European roads. This project aimed to develop a better understanding of effects of these changes on the impact performance of VRS.

A literature review was undertaken and a workshop was organised with automotive industry experts to identify vehicle properties which have an important effect on vehicle-to-VRS interaction.

Analysis of the composition of the current GB and EU vehicle fleets were carried out using data from ACEA, SMMT, ICCT and DfT. Important trends were identified on changes in vehicle mass and fleet composition over the years.

A STATS19 search identified single vehicle barrier accidents (SVBAs) on the Highways England Network involving cars over the period from 1999 to 2015. These incidents were then matched with SMMT data to identify the segment and mass of each vehicle involved in 8,948 SVBAs. The combined database was then analysed to identify the trends in real-world barrier impacts as well as establishing relationships between vehicle characteristics and SVBA outcome.

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