TRL’s mission is to enable world-class transport and mobility solutions to improve road safety and efficiency. TRL shares the UK Government’s vision to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on UK roads, and believes that this can be achieved through innovation and development of new technologies including connected and autonomous vehicles. That’s why, with funding from Innovate UK, TRL are setting up the Smart Mobility Living Lab - the UK’s most advanced real-world connected environment for testing future mobility technologies, services and business models. TRL have partnered with a variety of organisations to undertake this task including insurers, manufacturers, landowners and academics under the Shared Research Programme. To kick-start this innovation, the SRP are undertaking trials of vehicles with automated functionalities within the SMLL this year.

This trial will see a vehicle with automated driving functions developed by StreetDrone driving itself along a predefined route in London, intending to prove the safe deployment of the technology as well as collecting valuable research data. Safety is TRL’s number one priority when testing new technologies in the public domain. This abridged Safety Case is freely available to the public and has been written to demonstrate that the trial is being conducted safely and legally, and that the potential risks of trialling automated vehicle technology on public roads are managed and reduced to acceptable level.

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