In a challenging and fast-moving market, we help vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and service providers address current and new demands with specialist consultancy, independent research and rigorous testing that deliver vital insights to support design, policy or investment decisions.

TRL develops smart mobility solutions with potential to transform the traditional automotive landscape.

The pace of change in automotive

Rapid developments in technology are causing significant shifts in the mobility landscape as well as attracting widespread media coverage and associated public interest. It can be hard to distinguish between overblown hype and innovations that will deliver market value and societal impact. TRL can help automotive industry organisations identify, understand and exploit the technologies with the greatest potential to improve mobility.

Understanding user impact and business benefits

Successful automotive businesses need to understand potential user demand and the business opportunity for any new technology, if they are to create and maintain competitive advantage. TRL works with vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 automotive industry suppliers, technology providers and motorsport teams to offer independent product advice, validation and evaluation services. 

Safe, commercially viable solutions at the cutting edge

We help develop, validate and incorporate new technology like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), taking into account the regulatory environment, cybersecurity, human factors, consumer acceptance and safety factors. We work on smart mobility solutions that have the potential to transform the traditional automotive landscape and business model, based on a secure and thorough understanding of these issues.

How TRL can help:

Transport Safety
Our market-leading expertise supports research, recommendations and advice on...
Human Factors and Behavioural Science
The reactions, preferences and behaviour of transport users play a critical role...

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