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TRL’s expert innovation and research will support you to create and nurture creativity and forward thinking in your organisation. We can help you develop and deliver a vision and strategy that underpins your contribution to an integrated, cost effective, low carbon rail transport system for the whole industry, putting customer experience at its heart. 

Our heritage of work for the Department for Transport (DfT) and other influential bodies spans critical disciplines including asset management, passenger experience, safety management, rail crashworthiness, climate resilience and technology transfer.

Scientific Breadth and Knowledge Base

At TRL we help our customers secure funding and deliver scientifically rigorous and evidence based research, development and innovation projects. Our rail expertise spans human factors, behavioural change, crashworthiness, infrastructure, software engineering and technology development and transfer. This is supported by our multi-disciplinary approach to programme management, focused on delivering real-world benefit.

Infrastructure Engineering and Technology

Our services range from strategic and planning support and advice to practical and specialised assistance designing, improving and constructing stations, car parks, bridges, earthworks and drainage. Our work supports our clients to deliver and improve multi-modal transport integration.

Rail Safety Best Practice

We support our rail clients to improve the safety of the public and their staff.  Our multi-disciplined capability means we can embrace a holistic approach to safety management, incorporating key lessons from behavioural science, and human factors along with engineering and scientific best practice. This includes reviewing the cost and benefits of adopting new technology to improve the safety of the railway. TRL has successfully used this approach to help improve the safety of level crossings, train interior design, crashworthiness, train driver performance and driver and passenger behaviour.

Delivering Value For Passengers and Stakeholders

Issues of regulation and franchising mean that value and investment are always a key focus for train operating companies. Consumer sensitivity to ticket prices and their perception of value for money are also key drivers in the industry. We can help rail industry suppliers and service providers find new ways to deliver high quality products and services, identifying process efficiencies and multi-modal transport approaches that can reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.

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Human Factors and Behavioural Science
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