Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) is a co-innovation project, part-funded by Innovate UK, led by TRL and a consortium of partners with world-leading expertise in transport and technology – Cisco, Cubic, DG Cities, Loughborough University, London Legacy Development Corporation, and Transport for London. By pulling together the strengths of these organisations, the project will deliver the UK’s most advanced real-world connected environment for testing future mobility technologies, services and business models.

The Challenge

Most current testing facilities provide closed environments and have very little capacity for testing in real-world, complex urban environments. There has been little research into the difficult questions related to the readiness of road infrastructure, its maintenance and configuration requirements. Moreover, little is also known about public acceptance of CAVs. More data, gathered through practical trials, is necessary to prove that autonomous vehicles will be able to operate efficiently and safely on open roads and provide a viable alternative to current mobility solutions.

Our Approach

TRL is the Project Lead for creating SMLL. Using its world-renowned expertise in transport, road safety and transport data management, TRL will determine the market requirements and develop these into facilities and mobility services, selecting test routes and monitoring the infrastructure installed on them. TRL will lead in selecting a range of open-architecture autonomous trial vehicles, the design of the integrated data hub and the business applications that will provide SMLL customers with business level information. TRL will also develop Safety Test Standards and Test Protocols.

Moreover, in conjunction with DG Cities, TRL will operate the SMLL and plan its future development after the end of the project’s build phase, expected to complete towards the end of 2019.

The Results

SMLL aims to become the place to go for advanced real-world CAV and mobility testing – a place where technology and service providers can look at the entire connected mobility environment and get their products and services market-ready faster. SMLL will be open to any organisation interested in the future of mobility and will offer testing opportunities on both open and closed routes in London – in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, respectively. The complex mobility scene in London, with various transport modes interacting simultaneously, will ensure that solutions successfully tested at SMLL can be implemented in any city across the world.

SMLL will also include a bespoke shared research programme (SRP) in the autonomous, connected, electric and shared (ACES) domain. It will enable the private sector to collaborate and together address key business challenges, test new models and drive growth and innovation.

Moreover, the insights SMLL will produce will help the UK succeed in the global race to become a leader in CAV technologies and present a coordinated offering to the world. SMLL will seek to match the government’s ambition and ensure the UK can offer a coherent proposition in the future mobility arena.

More information

You can also access much of the SMLL content via the #JourneyMakers campaign 

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