Trial pits

TRL are able to carry out trial pits in paved and unpaved areas to collect bulk samples for laboratory testing or enable in-situ tests to be conducted.

Topographical Survey

TRL have the in-house capability to undertake topographical surveys alongside our other works.


TRL can undertake targeted remote visual inspection surveys to enable viewing of areas with limited access. Typically this includes looking within and behind concrete elements to determine the as-built construction and current condition detail.

Sand patch / pendulum

TRL are accredited to undertake sand patch and pendulum slip resistance testing on site and in the laboratory. We have previously undertaken testing on a range of surfaces from highways to car parks to bus floors


TRL were one of the first organisations in UK to mount a LiDAR system on a vehicle platform.

Surface Condition

TRL are actively engaged in the research and development of surface condition parameters for the network level assessment contract. We have built and operate the TRACS reference machine and provide accreditation and quality assurance support for the delivery of the survey contract.


TRL have been working with Highways England for over ten years to establish the traffic speed deflectometer as a network level structural assessment tool. This is an area of ongoing research and we currently support HE in the management of the survey contract and accrediting and quality assuring the data.

Skid Resistance

TRL maintain and operate Highway’s England skid resistance equipment (GripTester, Pavement Friction Tester and Sideways-force Coefficient Routine Inspection Machine). We are engaged in research in this area and run the annual accreditation trials.

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