Winter Roads and Maintenance

We assist national and local road authorities to implement new winter service solutions and increase the resilience of their network to the effects of severe winter weather.

Using the evidence base gained from over 20 years’ of research and trials within the field of winter service to develop practical guidance for winter service practitioners, carry out laboratory and field trials and practical investigations, develop business cases and whole life cost analyses for different winter service techniques and facilitate future implementation.

TRL has undertaken research for the UK Department for Transport, Highways England, Transport Scotland, UK Local Authorities, spreader manufacturers, salt suppliers and others in the winter maintenance industry. TRL supports and is lead contractor for the UK National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG). The NWSRG along with Highways England, Transport Scotland and DfT have been responsible for commissioning all major UK winter service research and consultancy projects, with TRL delivering the majority of the research and consultancy leading to improvements in winter service delivery.



Winter Service Guidance

  • Supporting the NWSRG to develop their latest Practical Guidance, assisting Local Authorities in implementing the ‘Well-managed highways infrastructure’ Code of Practice this winter.

New techniques and processes

  • Commissioned by Transport Scotland to oversee trials of brine spreading on the Scottish trunk road network since 2015
  • Cost & risk analysis for brine only treatments on the Highways England Network
  • Development of Winter Service performance indicators
  • Researching opportunities to reduce environmental impact of severe weather operations

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