Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a versatile non-destructive technique that compliments coring and FWD surveys using continuous profiles to provide increases in both detail and coverage.

TRL have a highly experienced team of GPR specialists who have undertaken network-level surveys and detailed scheme investigations on transportation infrastructure worldwide. Our surveys are designed to meet the requirements of Design Manual for Roads and Bridges CS 229 Data for pavement assessment. 

Traffic speed surveys are conducted from a bespoke versatile collection platform that integrates the GPR data with imagery, high precision GNSS (global navigation satellite system) equipment and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The vehicle is Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 compliant and provides high levels of survey productivity. Slow speed surveys can be conducted on a range of platforms from hand-held to trolley to all-terrain vehicle (ATV) depending on the access and application. We utilise a range of GPR systems and antennae that are carefully selected to meet the needs of the project.

Our team of GPR specialists are actively engaged in research into furthering knowledge and understanding of GPR applications on highways and writing standards alongside undertaking surveys and investigation.

TRL is licensed by Ofcom to carry out GPR surveys in the UK. We are an active member of the European Ground Penetrating Radar (EuroGPR) Association and as such comply with the association’s code of ethics and code of practice for the use of GPR systems in potentially sensitive radio environments.

For a quotation or further details about GPR surveys for your scheme, please contact the Service desk directly by email.



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