Vehicle Engineering, Simulation and Technology

We have the knowledge and expertise to help our customers navigate through the decade’s unprecedented level of change in vehicle concepts and design. Our wide experience and access to study data and industry insights help us to provide pragmatic and innovative solutions. TRL’s work supports and shapes the application of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), connected and automated vehicle technologies, alternative fuels and advanced lightweight structures.

Our specialist knowledge of new technologies and emerging markets allows us to guide and support our customers at the forefront of vehicle design innovation.

We have a deep understanding of the stages and pace of future vehicle developments. Our work helps to define the international vehicle engineering, simulation and technology road map. TRL’s customers take advantage of our unique insights to shape their commercial and public projects and make ever greater provision for passenger comfort, safety for all road users and convenience.

Data and insight to support commercial decision-making

Vehicle design programmes and initiatives demand high levels of investment. We support customers with cost benefit studies and technology assessment to help them prioritise the projects with the greatest potential and understand the likely payback. Our market knowledge and specialist expertise is applied to developing technology road maps. TRL customers benefit from our knowledge of current and potential future international regulations.

Safety and crash testing

TRL’s knowledge of the limitations of current tests and tools (including dummies) is unrivalled in the EU and we strive to improve our customers’ knowledge through high quality vehicle engineering and simulation solutions.

Design, research, data and testing help us to define primary safety and crashworthiness performance requirements for tomorrow’s vehicles, so they can meet expected international regulation and consumer testing programmes criteria. At our specialist facilities worldwide, we test rigorously for roadworthiness (periodic testing), crashworthiness, tertiary safety (e-Call), primary safety (collision avoidance), dummy development and validation, child seat and helmet safety.

Emissions and environmental impact

TRL has helped develop the current EU regulations for conventional powertrain tailpipe emissions and we have considerable expertise in evaluating all vehicle pollutants.   

We are a global centre of expertise for ultra low emission vehicle technology. With intense world focus on controlling environmental damage from vehicles, we work on commercial and public sector programmes investigating cleaner and greener ways to power existing and new kinds of vehicles.

Developing brand new, transformative vehicle technologies

Working with Formula 1 teams is just one example of how advanced our thinking is. At the pioneering frontier of motorsport and ultimate high performance, our design insight is trusted to deliver safety advancements and competitive edge.

We are investigating new alternatives to black box data and recording devices in vehicles. Through experience working in partnership with other leading organisations on transformative global projects, we can share with customers the latest thinking and technology and help them design ground breaking new features.

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