Traditionally BIM (Building Information Management) has been used in major new infrastructure projects, BIM models have not been widely used for the existing urban road systems in which the future CAV based mobility services will operate. Funded by Innovate UK this proof of concept demonstrates the potential benefits of BIM level 2 / 3 to support the adoption of CAV technologies as part of future mobility services.

The scope of the project involves

Surveying proposed test routes including LIDAR scanning

Surveying proposed test routes including LIDAR scanning
Identifying and securing access to geospatial / 3D data for proposed CAV test routes within Greenwich, London

Building BIM model of proposed CAV test routes in London

Develop a digital twin as a potential CAV validation tool

Simulate potential CAV service and associated communications requirements

Data and tools from this project are now being used within the Smart Mobility Living Lab.

Further details on project findings and outputs can be obtained using the Contact Us enquiry form.

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