Cores are an integral part of any pavement investigation or survey.

As part of any pavement investigation or survey, core samples are typically taken to:

  • Determine pavement construction and condition
  • Investigate defects such as depth of cracking
  • Extract samples for laboratory testing
  • Calibrate and verify GPR Ground Penetrating Radar data
  • Allow testing and sampling of unbound layers 

TRL undertake pavement coring of asphalt and concrete pavement to the requirements of Design Manual for Roads and Bridges CS 229 Data for pavement assessment, for which we are UKAS accredited to BS EN 12697-27:2017. Core samples are logged within our UKAS accredited laboratory, including PAK (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) marker spray testing for potential tar-bound materials as standard.

TRL operate diesel-powered, trailer-mounted hydraulic coring rigs. With a large water capacity and high mast, the rigs are designed for improved productivity and increased depth of sampling. Typically extracting cores 150-200 mm diameter, we have the capability of taking cores up to 600 mm in diameter. The flexibility of the rigs is further enhanced by a hydraulic hand-held drill that can be operated with or without a drill stand for areas of limited access. Additionally, the rigs can be operated with an air-flush system to enable dry cores to be taken.

Our rigs and vans are Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 compliant, operated under UK driving regulations with a tachograph. The rigs are fitted with a safety cage and safety cut-off and our operators are trained in the use of Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) and Signal Generators for the avoidance of services.

The location of all cores are recorded relative to the site (e.g. HAPMS section or marker post) and to the Ordnance Survey National Grid or Local Grid using sub-metre accurate GNSS (global navigation satellite system) equipment.

The core holes can be used for additional testing (e.g. TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer – DCP) and/or reinstated using HAPAS approved cold-lay materials

Core samples can be stored in ambient or controlled conditions to enable further testing in our materials laboratory.

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